50mm signal tower RYG led color continual flash light and continuous discontinuous buzzer with 70cm cable (YWJD-50C)

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1. LED Voltage: 24VDC

2.LED Color: Red, Yellow,Green.
3.Terminal: Wire Leads 700mm or Aviation plug.
4. D: Continual light / S: Flash light / DZ:Continual light and buzzer /
SZ:Flash light and Discontinuous Buzzer
The appearance is exquisite and compact, and the workmanship is exquisite.
Uniform luminescence, high efficiency and energy saving, and long service life.
The lampshade is made of high-quality resin, sturdy and durable.
GX16 aviation plug and tail wiring are optional,
and it can also be installed on the side with a bracket.
When the warning lamp is in the power-off state, the lamp body is colorless
and does not refract the surrounding light sources to avoid false indications.
Signal light can be customized IP67

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