Do you know the emergency stop button?

The emergency stop button can also be called the "emergency stop button", as the name implies: when an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this button to achieve protective measures.

The current machinery and equipment does not intelligently detect the surrounding environment and its own operating status at any time. It is still necessary for on-site operators to photograph the emergency stop button in an emergency to avoid major personal and property damage, but the emergency stop button is in use. There will be the following misunderstandings:

01 Wrong use of the normally open point of the emergency stop button:
Part of the site will use the normally open point of the emergency stop button and then use the PLC or relay to achieve the purpose of emergency stop. This wiring method cannot immediately cut off the fault when the emergency stop button contact is damaged or the control circuit is disconnected.

The correct approach is to connect the normally closed point of the emergency stop button to the control circuit or the main circuit, and immediately stop the output from the actuator at the moment the emergency stop button is photographed.

02 Wrong use occasion:
The emergency stop button is only used when there is an accident in operation, and some maintenance personnel perform maintenance work after pressing the emergency stop button. In this case, once the emergency stop button is damaged or other personnel will turn the emergency stop button without knowing it Reset, it may cause heavy losses to people and property.

The correct approach should be to power off and list out and perform maintenance work after detecting the lack of power.

03 Wrong usage habits:
Some sites, especially those with low frequency of use of emergency stop buttons, may neglect the regular inspection of the emergency stop button. Once the emergency stop button is blocked by dust or malfunctions and is not found in time, it may not be able to cut off the danger in time when the fault occurs. Cause heavy losses.

The correct approach should be to check the emergency stop button regularly to avoid accidents.


Post time: Sep-19-2022