ELEWIND 25mm 12V dual led color Metal Switch Push Button (PM251F-22E/R-G/12V/S , PM251F-11ZE/R-G/12V/S )

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ELEWIND 25mm two led color metal push button switch(PM251F-22E/R-G/12V/S)


Part number:PM251F-22E/R-G/12V/S

Install diameter:25mm

Switch rating: 3A/250VAC

Shape: Flat head

Color: Red-Green(From ‘+’ to ‘-’ is Red color, From ‘-’ to ‘+’ is Green color)

(Other dual color can be choose)

Noted:To change the color of the led, the polarity of the led pins need to be interchanged.

Voltage: from 2.8V to 250V

Function: Momentary (2NO2NC)

Terminal: Pin terminal

Crust material: Stainless steel

IP rating: IP65

Temperature: – 40 to 75 Degree

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